Charity event

I had an amazing, amazing time sharing Cupping massage with high energy people. At the ISI gym’s, Ronald McDonald charity event.
What a fun group of people and an exciting exercise environment. I will diffidently be back, next time to sweat. The Ronald McDonald foundation has helped so many people. Including my family, when my nephew was being treated for cancer. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to donate my services for one of their charity events.

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Massage Cupping can help with the following conditions, and many more.
• Fibromyalgia
• Sciatica
• Insomnia and anxiety
• Poor circulation
• Lung inflammation and congestion
• Cellulite
• Toxicity
• Migraines
• High and low blood pressure
• TMJ dysfunction
• Diabetes
• Chronic pain
• Athletic stress and injury

Alkalize your blood, deep release of tight muscle, and tone the skin in one session.

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