Services listed are for the Live Love Massage location. For services at other locations please visit the websites or call the number, provided on the contact page.

*Relaxing Swedish Massage*
Calm the mind, let your body release into relaxation. Light stretching and hot towels to ease away tension in this full body massage.
30min. For $30, 60min For $60, 90min for $90.

*Deep Tissue Release*
have you been feeling stiff and in pain? Knots got you down? Enjoy a deep release and regain your mobility. Includes deep passive stretching. recommended add on cupping.
60min for $70, 90min for $100, 2hours for $135.

*Focused Deep Tissue*
No fluff, no buff. Straight to business, lets work on your #1 problem area.
40min for $50

*Muscle Melt Down*
Head to toe hot stone massage with healing Argon & coconut oil blend, followed by light cupping massage. relax muscles, nervous system, and mind. Rejuvenate your skin.
75minutes for $90.

*Cupping Face Lift*
Where have the years gone? small suction cups and rejuvenating, fine facial oils; reduce the appearance of laugh lines, tighten pores, lift and tone the skin. All in your first session! Caped with an essential oil warm towel and scalp massage.
25minutes for $40.

Add On Services:
Hot stones $15
Cupping $15 (adds time to service)
Deep tissue $10
Aroma therapy $10