About your favorite massage therapist

Hi, my name is Alli. Welcome to my site. Here you will find my services, location, and blog posts. First, a short introduction of Alli:
Both my parents were both in the U.S.N. and were my inspiration to join. Right after high school, I enlisted. After 3 short years I was honorably discharged and eager to find my passion.

Becoming a massage therapist was honestly the best thing I have ever done. It has changed my life by opening doors, opening my mind and my heart. I find serenity in my work. It is such a blessing to be able to help people on so many levels. You are what you do! I live and love massage therapy!

“When you touch a body, you touch the whole person,
the intellect, the spirit, and the emotions.”- Jane Harrington

I am attending Bryan University for exercise science. the past 2 years in school, I have found a new passion for nutrition and exercise. By summer of 2017 I will be a Personal trainer. My inspiration for training came from my massage clients. I am so excited to be able to help people, not only by relieving their pain. But also, regaining strength, confidence, and health! feel free to e-mail, call or private message me with any questions you have concerning your nutrition or physical activity.
3.14kamccarthy@gmail.com, Facebook.com/LiveLoveMassage

It all starts with loving ourselves enough; to allow ourselves be the best version of who we are.
“The root of all health is in the brain.
The trunk of it is in emotion.
The branches and leaves are the body.
The flower of health blooms
when all parts work together.”- Kurdish folk wisdom


*Associates Degree in exercise science April, 2017 from Bryan University

*Master Body Worker Program March 2015 at the Nevada School of Massage

*Professional Massage Training Program August 2013 at the Baltimore School of Massage (York, PA Campus)

Continuing education training:
*Myokinesthetic System October 2015
*Cupping Massage October 2016

WORK EXPERIENCE: In 2009 I enlisted in the Navy and served 3 years in Quantico, Virginia. During that time I was a Hospital Corpsman, or a medic. After that time I went home to Pennsylvania and started a year long program for massage therapy; while working as a CNA. 2014 I moved to South Carolina and started my massage therapy career. October 1, 2016 was the grand opening for Live Love Massage.

Photo of Alli and her family, after graduating boot-camp 2009.

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