Dairy Free Ice Cream!

I got some new kitchen toys, so of course i had to play with one immediately! First thing I made in my new Ninja blender, was… VEGAN ICE CREAM. I blended frozen Bananas, cocoa powder, and peanut butter. It was sooo TASTY!

…. Just yesterday, I over heard the Fox News channel, discouraging people form trying healthy alternatives to Ice Cream. they said that ice cream made with almonds and Coconut lack the calcium and protein, found in Dairy ice cream. What an outrage! If that’s not proof our government is trying to kill us to get rich, then I don’d know what is… End side bar
Below is a link for more information on the best plant sources for calcium and much more.

My Vegan Ice Cream rescipe came from the book,

I ended up having to add two ice cubes to really get it blended. It came out the perfect consistency.

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